Rainbow Mandala Waistcoat

The shawl is worked in the round as a large circle with the armholes positioned part way round the circle. The top part folds over to form a collar. Sara Huntington’s waistcoat pattern is worked in rounds of lace from a central colour wheel – with armholes positioned part way round, and the top folds… Read More »

Crochet Folded Petal Flower – Tutorial

In this crochet tutorial you can see crochet folded petal flower. You can make five or six petals in folded petal flower. Flower is simple to make. Learn with us and with our crochet tutorials! This flower is complete element and can be used as a decoration as it is. This is one of the… Read More »

New Crochet Stitch: Rosebud Stitch

It’s a quick and easy crochet pattern to complete and would look great on your spring and summer crochet designs. Let’s talk about one of the most recognizable flowers out there: the rose. Follow along and learn how to crochet a rose with me! The free crochet pattern includes instructions on how to crochet a… Read More »

Crochet baby stroller applique

This crochet babyshower carriage favor would make a beautiful decoration for any baby blanket or gift basket. The crochet appliques would look super cute as a paptism favor (photo), on a baby shower invitation or as a decoration of a baby shower. With this video, You’ll see how to make these adorable baby shower Dress… Read More »

Crochet Chamomile Flower + Videos

This is a wonderful, easy, versatile pattern, you can play with colour, yarn ply and hook size to make variations of this Chamomile flower. I have used 100% cotton, because it holds the crisp shape of my Chamomile and can be machine washed and dried with ease whilst retaining the perfect shape and colour of… Read More »

Crochet Edging + Video

Crochet edgings can make such a great difference to your work. Choosing the right design can beautify or not any crochet project. This is a cute edging that goes on just about everything not only on blankets or afghans, although I love it most on a baby blanket. This edging is one of my favorites,… Read More »


This amazing collection of crochet symbols and stitches will help to every crocheter make all absolutely every every project!! More then 130 symbols on the color pictures. Now that the symbols are starting to make sense, let’s take a look at some of the different diagrams you might encounter. Take a look at the symbols.… Read More »

Free Crochet Doilies

Free Crochet Doilies one is so elegant you won’t even want to use it. Set it on top any table and just look at how beautiful it is. Use the shell stitch to work up this beautiful piece that will, no doubt, impress visitors. Learn how to crochet a doily that is intricately gorgeous and… Read More »

Crochet Miniature Bag

Crochet gift bags can be made in all sizes as packaging for just about any gift you might give this holiday season. This mini bag is the perfect gift. It can be used to keep small hair accessories, as a toy, keyring, doll bag or just as a small handmade Valentine gift. It can be… Read More »

Crochet Baby Blanket

One of the things that mums treasure mostly is a baby blanket, which becomes even more sentimental when handmade by you. Whether it’s colorful and pretty or understated and elegant, a baby blanket can quickly become a family heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation. The unique crochet baby blanket patterns are a… Read More »